Park amps are built to order but from time to time we build some interesting things that become available for sale. Here is what's available right now.

Park 75 Prototype

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P75 prototype. Built on Metropoulos chassis with Merren power and output transformers. Includes toggle switch that chooses the standard channel voicing where one channel is brighter than the other or the PA setup where both channels sound the same. In the standard voicing one channel is brighter and the other darker than the PA setup. P45 style cabinet with top vents. attached AC cable. KT88 power tubes, black banana knobs, impedance selector (4, 8 or 16 ohms), two speaker jacks.


Park 45 LTD in solid Walnut and Maple cabinet

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Park's first "Woody" amp. This is a Park 45 limited edition chassis with Merren power and output transformers, NOS mustard, Sprague and Lemco caps, Piher, Iskra and Allen bradley resistors. Cabinet is two-tone solid Walnut and Maple built by Kurt at KW Cabs. KT66 power tubes, impedance selector (4, 8 and 16 ohm impedance), two speaker jacks, 5-way voltage selector. $3,500

Posted July 16, 2015. Still available