The Park Little Rock 18 is a more aggressive version of the Little Head. The LR combines the preamp of a plexi 50 and the lower-powered, user changeable power amp of the Little Head. If you want plexi tones at reasonable volumes, this is the answer. In addition, there are two push-pull switches that allow you to cascade the channels for more gain (that's in series, one into the other) and a Punch switch that gives you a more aggressive sound. With both switches "In" the amp acts like a typical four input, two channel British style amp. Also available as a 1x12 or 2x12 combo. Please email for more info.


  • Full sized power and output transformers (same size as our 45, 50 and 75 amps) for full bodied sound and no compromise in the low end
  • Full power supply with choke for the biggest tone
  • User selectable output tubes include 6V6, 6L6 and EL34 for changes in tone, feel and power
  • Front panel switch to select tube or solid state rectifier for a looser or tighter feel as well as softer or punchier tones
  • No biasing necessary, just plug and play.
  • Power range from 15 to 23 watts (clean power) depending on choice of rectifier and power tubes
  • Full featured Park preamp with two channels, four inputs, separate volume controls, treble, mid, bass, brightness
  • 4, 8, 16 ohm speaker selector switch
  • Front panel Post Phase Inverter Master Volume (PPIMV) included for getting your sound at any volume level
  • Optional Zero Loss FX loop
  • All hand wired for superior tone, ease of servicing, longest life and best possible reliability
  • Welded aluminum chassis for strength


21" x 8.625" x 9.125" (with feet)


28 lbs

Retail price $2,700


Little Rock back panel shown with optional Zero Loss FX loop

Little Rock 1x12 combo with Celestion Creamback Alnico speaker (George Lynch)

Little Rock 1x12 combo with Celestion Creamback Alnico speaker (George Lynch)