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Phil says: FANTASTIC amp this 18w. Cranked up in the big room. I wanna say this is the best sounding amp I own

Eliot says: I just want to tell you I love the 18 watt combo and I hate new amps!

Chris says: I still can’t believe how amazing mine is

British 18 Watt combo perfected

There is a great tradition of EL84 powered 12 to 18 watt combos made in the UK starting in the late 1950s. In fact, there is a book written about it. Although there were many from different manufacturers, there are three that really stand out.  One is the VOX AC15. It is perfect in it's design and an amazing amplifier for it's sound and unique Vib/Trem circuit. Another great EL84 based amplifier is the Watkins Dominator. It really shines with its throaty overdriven sound and smooth tremolo circuit. The third is the Marshall 18 watter which has become legendary. It was based on the Watkins but brought it to higher level of aggressive Rock sound. It’s got the grind of the bigger Marshalls but in a smaller package.

The Park P1800 is based on the Watkins (and Marshall 18) but brings it to a new level of beautiful clean and aggressive rock sounds. Carefully built with New Old Stock capacitors and resistors, an output transformer built in the UK to the exact specifications and sound quality as the original Radio Spares EL84 output transformer. It also features EC Collins Park style reissue white pinstripe grill cloth and a custom speaker that uses a celestion Blue alnico frame and magnet as its base but with a different cone that truly is in a class of its own.

The P1800 was introduced at the summer NAMM show in June, 2018 to rave reviews by guitarists, friends, press and even amp builders and competitors.

P1800 Red
P1800 red 2

The basic specifications of the Park 18 include:

Two channels each with Volume and Tone controls. voiced slightly differently

One channel has a rich tremolo circuit with Speed and Intensity controls

Two speaker outputs with a switch for 8 and 16 ohms

Foot switch for tremolo is included and is plugged into a jack on the chassis bottom

Two EL84 tubes for 18 watts at full clipping

Three 12AX7s

Dimensions: 24” (w) x 20” (h) x 8 7/8” (d)

Weight 41 lbs.

Check out the videos from NAMM on the video page


The P1800 combo is available in custom colors at no extra charge. Here it is in “Black Gator”. This color is available exclusively through BCR Music & Sound.