Park 75

The Park 75 is another version of the classic four input, two channel British plexi circuit that employs KT88 tubes. It features hand wiring, it features high quality parts, and custom transformers, all housed in a Park small box format head shell. As with all Park amps we use carefully selected parts to recreate the sound and feel of the originals including custom USA made transformers (built the old fashioned way with paper bobbins), light-weight welded aluminum chassis, custom Park banana knobs and Park black plexi block go. This amp is a wolf in sheep's clothing. By using KT88s and the same transformers as the Park 50, the Park 75 puts out 50 watts clean and 90 watts at full tilt!

The pictures of the 75 below show it in red, orange and black.

Park amps are now available with an optional PPIMV Master on the front panel. The third picture of the P75 on black shows the new 7 control chassis with the Master control on the front panel.

As with all Park standard amps, the Park 75 can be built with NOS (new old stock) resistors and capacitors as well as Merren output transformers. Email or call for more information.


Tubes: three 12AX7s, two KT88

Controls: Volume (ch 1), Volume (ch 2), Treble, Mid, Bass, Brightness (Presence)

Power: 50 watts clean, 90 watts fully driven

Chassis: Aluminum with welded corners

Impedance: 4, 8, 16 ohms

Size: (H) 11", (W) 25 1/4", (D) 10"

Weight: 33 lbs.

Options: Post Phase Inverter Master Volume, voltage selector, NOS parts and Merren output transformer

Price: $2,500

P75 in red

P75 in red

P75 in orange

P75 in orange

Park 75 with PPIMV Master volume on the front panel with the new 7 control chassis