A recreation of the original 1960s British fuzz, the Park Fuzz Sound uses matched germanium transistors to give you that sought after 60s sound! We've increased the gain and tone control range so that you can really dial in the fuzz you are looking for. It cleans up from your volume control just like you expect from a well designed fuzz. It's housed it in a pedalboard friendly sized case and a 9V adaptor jack has been added for convenience.

The Park Fuzz Sound is a collaboration between Park and the effects gurus at Earthquaker Devices. The result is a fantastic pedal. Initially the Park Fuzz Sound is exclusively available at Pro Guitar Shop.

Quote: “A Rockin Pedal-Pure Musical Germanium Madness”
Tommy Bolan(Warlock,NYC)


Link to Park Fuzz Sound video on Pro Guitar Shop

The Park Fuzz Sounds gets picked by Guitar Player magazine as one of the 10 "Must Have" pedals at NAMM!

Link to NAMM "Must Have" pedals article

Also available as the Colby Fuzz Sound. The exact same pedal for Colby amp fans!


Colby Fuzz Sound.jpeg