Park 45/100 Limited edition

The Park 45/100 is a newly built limited-edition version of the "100" watt amps made famous in 1966 by such players as Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix at Monterey, early Pete Townshend and Malcolm Young. It is a more powerful Park 45 with four KT66s in a bigger head cabinet with huge transformers and high voltages that produces guitar tones like no other amp. Its sound is full and harmonically rich with a big bottom end that bloom as notes are sustained. It has a wonderful sound of its own that is not as tight or aggressive compared to the later 100W amps produced from 1967 and later. Only ten of these limited amps will be made by Mitch Colby in his New York workshop. This is THE DEFINITIVE recreation of this unique and special amplifier.



Welcome updates

The head is a physical and sonic recreation down the head box size, vintage correct NOS resistors (mostly Piher), vintage correct NOS signal capacitors (mostly Phillips mustard caps), and white "banana" knobs. However, we've updated it where it counts; for reliability and convenience. Improved features include a much stronger aluminum chassis with welded corners, heavy duty output transformer brackets, double top vents for improved air flow, the internal fuse was brought to the exterior and the insanely high voltages have been slightly tamed for longer tube life and reliability. Custom designed Merren power and output transformers top off this sonic beauty.


back panel

The back panel includes an impedance selector for 16 ohms, 8 ohms and 100V (for PA use) just like the originals. 



The insides are a work of art. Built meticulously by hand and using the best possible vintage correct components for sound and quality. Paxolin board, Piher resistors and mustard caps. Sprague filter caps are used throughout because they sound the closest to the originals.

P45/100 chassis front
P45/100 chassis back


Power: 78 watts RMS clean, 120 watts fully overdriven

Tubes: three 12AX7s, four Gold Lion KT66s

Transformers: Merren custom 3" power transformer, Merren custom 2" output transformer, USA choke. All paper wound to original specifications

Front panel: (CHII) two inputs and volume control, (CHI) two inputs and volume control, Treble, Mid, Bass, Brightness (Presence), indicator lamp, Standby switch, On/Off switch, Fuse

Back panel: IEC input with fuse, Two speaker outputs, Impedance selector (8 ohms, 16 ohms, 100V just like the originals)

Dimensions: 29" (W) x 8.75" (D) x 10.75" (H) (plus 1/2" for feet)

Weight:  45 lbs

Price: $3,750