John K says: Amazing amp! I just bought one of your Park 75 LTD amps. It’s the best sounding amp of it’s kind that I’ve ever played and I’ve played them all over the past 30 years.

Jesse A. says: Mitch, I hope you don’t mind another email raving about the Rock Head. I know you’re busy with the Jimmy Page collaboration. I’m super happy to see you getting the attention your work deserves. After about a year with your Rock Head, gear has come and gone, but the Rock Head remains the core of everything I do. The fundamental sound and versatility of this amp is truly incredible. It’s the one piece of gear I never even contemplate doing without. Now I just have to save up for the P1800!

Roger says: Had a chance to really spend some time with it tonight, I used my Gil Yaron. Easily the most elegant, sophisticated amp I own! You really knocked this design out of the park!!! Really, really exceptional 


Review by Paul DiBenedetto: I was fortunate enough to spend some time at Mitch Colby’s shop, checking out one of his latest amp creations, the Park 18W combo.  I tested the amp with a Les Paul, a Strat and a Tele. 

As hoped for, the amp gave up varying levels of beautiful, fat crunch rhythm tones and smooth, singing lead tones, much like the original 60s version does. Yet at all shades of overdrive, the Park 1800 retained an articulation and clarity that went beyond expectation. Very nice.

What also surprised me was the beautiful and bold clean tone the amp was able to produce, which was surprisingly reminiscent of a lower volume version of a JTM45 clean. Crisp and full bodied, with excellent touch sensitivity. And as an added bonus, the Park 1800 comes with a smooth and full bodied tremolo that you will not want to turn off. I forgot that this was a part of the original circuit, so it really took me by surprise with the wonderfully hypnotic pulse it produced.

Lastly, the fit, finish and styling of the amp is, like everything Mitch produces in his Park and Colby lines, is impeccable. Beautiful construction that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Ahh, before I forget, the amp also comes with a lower power setting  that when engaged, reasonably cuts the volume while adds a slight bit of sweet compression. 

This is a perfect amp for studio and live use. Probably not louder than a Deluxe and with a wonderful cut that will work on most stages. Bravo!

Paul D photo P1800.jpg

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October, 2014. The Amp Show

-Colby room was packed when I ducked in to take a quick listen and the tone was dripping from the walls.

 -For doing old school stuff, the Park amps were killer! Felt like I was transported back in time...

-You guys got me gassing for a Park amp now.

 -Actually it was a Park 45 and the Park 75. Both fabulous amps!

 -They do look pretty darn sexy!

 -The Park Amps were so nice.

 -Yes, many M type amps, cant go wrong with any of them - The best for me was the Colby Mod Machine. Basically has every era and major circuit change thru the years available in one amp and it sounds incredible, plus Mitch's Park amps are just awesome!

 -My favorite stuff? The Schaffer replica, Park amps.

 -Yeah, the Park Stuff was old school cool!

September 12, 2014: Esse Dejos

"I have always wanted to own a Park Top Mount 45. But as we all know, they are both not only hard to find, but also cost a small fortune to buy when you are actually able to find one. Making matters worse is the fact that I've always been a firm believer based on experience (from my own 68 bass spec plexi) that the tone from exceptional examples of vintage Marshalls/Parks amplifiers can never be equaled by modern day clones or iterations of the classic designs. Well, that was until my Park Top Mount 45 arrived. From sparkling cleans, to ZZ Top crunch, to Beano bite, and Clapton woman tone... it's all there. I actually love playing it as much as I do my '68 plexi ... well maybe even more because I am just in disbelief with how good the amp sounds. Top notch build and top notch builder... couldn't be happier... especially since it's both a Top Mount 45 AND it's red!"


August, 2014: JD Simo

"I just plugged into it for the first time. I gotta admit that I'm so dialed into my plexi, and so happy with it, that I didn't expect to be blown away by a new amp. I am!! Truly!! You know like I do that it only takes a moment to know if it’s got it or not. You truly are making amazing stuff! Thank you so much for giving me the pleasure to try it!! Mind if I take it on the road this week?

Being a vintage fanatic and just a tad obsessive about minutiae, I'm floored by the Park line!! Immaculate build quality using the RIGHT components! Just like the old days! Thank you for caring and making something so right!"


July, 2014: Jimmy Vivino

"The missing piece of every guitar player's puzzle.....A great amp!"

March, 2014: Keith Nelson

"The first new amp I've tried that sounds like a vintage amp."

ToneQuest Report review of the Limited Edition Top Mount Park 45 head

"Colby's Park head sounds as if it were a virgin time capsule. Highly recommended for the ultimate "M" tone. $3,500 and worth it."