Park speaker cabinets differ from traditional cabinets. Their unique design adds to superior tone and projection. Shown below are the 4x12, 4x12 with head, 2x12 front and back, square 2x12 (same size as 4x10, 24" square and available with top strap handle or two chrome bar side handles), ltd 2x12 and ltd 4x12. They are all angled cabinets. Rather than having a break in the middle of the cab, the 4x12 is angled slightly upwards from the bottom of the cab to the top. This gives you the depth of tone usually associated with a straight 4x12 but the projection and clarity on stage of a traditional 4x12. The others have a similar front angle. 

All cabinets are available with in black covering and standard blue/black basketweave grill cloth. EC Collins reissue Park white pinstripe grill cloth is available at an extra charge.

The 2x12 shown here has custom order green covering, EC Collins Park pinstripe grill cloth and is shown below a top mount 45 limited edition head. It was built for Jimmy Vivino the busiest guitarist on the planet. His credits include musical director of the Basic Cable Band (Conan O'Brien), Fab Faux, Al Cooper, etc, etc, etc...).