This beautiful one-of-a-kind Park Split Front 45 LTD uses the same chassis as the top mount limited edition. It encorporates hard to find NOS Piher and Allen Bradley resistors plus Lemco and Mustard capacitors as well as Merren power and output  transformers to recreate the rich clean sound and creamy overdrive of the classic 45 amp. It uses Gold Lion KT66s and a trio of 12AX7s. The classic four input, two channel with shared tone controls and cathode are key to the classic sound it produces.  At 30 watts clean and 45 watts fully cranked this circuit has been heard on countless seminal guitar recordings from the 1960s through the present. Its classic looks are created with the Park black plexi logo,  EC Collins reissue Park pinstripe grill cloth and Park's unique "banana" pointer knobs. It is currently available at LA Vintage Gear. It is the only one that will be made in this configuration!